I will help you develop your potential and move into life action!

Accomplishing our intentions makes us motivated and happy

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Stuck in a fog and missing out on the results you want?

Plowing ahead with no clear direction hasn’t worked.
Excuses are not good for self-development.
Constant problems at work do not contribute to anything.

Win today!

Developing your potential, achieving the results you want.

The journey to self-discovery

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Synergy & quality relationships

Improving communication, increasing your price on the labor market and having results you can be proud of

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and prosperity

Synergy in personal
and labor relations


Initial and final test

12 months per 60 min.

Personal consultation

Information video

How to develop creativity?

Basic test

Creativity test

Video analysis of results and action settings

Personal development plan - setting goals

How to realize yourself?

No results?

How to live your dreams?

Are you going in circles?

Analysis of potential

Personal/online sessions

Development of potential

12 months per 60 min.

Work vs. relationship?

Are you withdrawn?

Do you miss interplay?

Do you feel and tension?

Hledání radosti, štěstí

Long-term coaching for project implementation.

Harmonization of life and finances.

Personal/online sessions

Posílení sebehodnoty

Personal development plan - setting goals

12 months per 60 min.

Development of strengths, weaknesses

Are you really a leader?

No results?

Inefficient business?

Are you burnt out?

Establishing long-term goals and objectives

Harmonization of life and finances.

Tailor-made solution

Personal development plan - setting goals

What will our cooperation look like?

At the end there will be a final test in which we will evaluate your progress
Then there will be a joint sessions where we will break down your inhibitions
We will start with a FREE 15-minute consultation and initial exam

Advantages of our cooperation

I have always wanted to do something meaningful in life. I always put my heart into everything and thought about how everything I do leads to a result. I built the start-up Creatixo Progress s.r.o. and invented 9 competencies of applied creativity. I became completely independent and free from the system around me. I have 15 years of experience in management positions and also worked as a coach and consultant for consulting companies OWG and FBE. I have helped several entrepreneurs with their start-up projects and today they are already established companies.

You will gain the ability to better concentrate and gain better flow experiences.

Energy, enthusiasm and restart of inner (potential) and outer (talent) creativity

Stepping out of your comfort zone and solving challenges and problems. Stepping out of the circle.

František Molnár

"Change is life - I understood that only when coaching with Jindra. I always thought that what I want and where I'm heading is right."

Successfully managed company projects


completed Creatixo psychodiagnostics


Understanding and gradually linking imagination and analytical, systematic thinking. (Connecting the cerebral hemispheres)

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